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The Denti snowplow helps you to save time and fuel

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The Denti Snowplow

A reliable and efficient product

The Denti snowplow: a revolution in the snow removal industry!
This new technology, easy to handle, saves time, energy and is durable.

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Denti by Innova-tech

Innova-Tech, a company we can call our own!

Innova-Tech was founded in 2018 by two avant-garde Quebec entrepreneurs, Paul Duchesneau and Françis Michaud. It operates in La Tuque in the Mauricie region and specializes in the manufacturing of snowplows.

The owners’ inventiveness and know-how enabled them to design the innovative Denti snowplow, which is revolutionizing the field of snow removal. Efficiency, speed of operation, and savings in resources, time and money are all thanks to the unique design of this indispensable tool, some of whose systems have been patented.

The Denti snowplow is a plus for municipalities and highways, snow removal contractors and the military sector.

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